Ubeku and Uwechue: Exit of modern titans – Ogeah

CHIKE-300x225The Delta State Commissioner for Information, Chike C. Ogeah Esq, has lamented the passing of Chief Abel Ubeku and Ambassador Ralph Uwechue. In a press release issued in Asaba, Ogeah said both accomplished elder statesmen from Delta State were sterling in their careers and deserve to be celebrated.

“It is a huge pride to recall the lives and times of these modern titans. They epitomised honour, candour, excellence, patriotism and love for common good,” Ogeah stated.

“As a journalist, publisher and author, Ambassador Uwechue blazed the trail in the portraying Africa to the world as a continent with potentials and opportunities. Through his African magazine, he let the world realize that African countries should be seen as partners in development that can hold their own in global aspirations.

“For Chief Ubeku, the fact that he became the first indigenous managing director of Guinness Nigeria strictly on merit says a lot about his intellect, managerial ability and high competitiveness. His time at Guinness was very eventful and confirmed his status as a managerial guru of global repute,” Ogeah said of both men.

According to him, it was a privilege for Nigeria to have had the men serve the country almost at the same time. He said their virtues and accomplishments should be celebrated as an inspiration for the younger generation.

“Although it would have been wonderful to have them around at this time the country is in search of a more perfect union, their lives and virtues are enough to inspire the present and future generations on the need to build a country founded on fairness, freedom patriotism,” Ogeah said. He prayed God to grant them eternal rest.

High Chief Ubeku was an outstanding academic and first Nigerian chief executive of Guinness Nigeria.

Ambassador Uwechue was the publisher and editor-in-chief of the London-based African magazine, the first quality international journal that reported Africa to the world. A one-time president general of Ohaneze Nd’Igbo, Ambassador Uwechue was Nigeria’s first envoy to France and author of “Reflection on the Nigerian Civil War”, the first published work on the conflict.

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