Arraignment of Obiano ‘ll end public media trial – Ikpeazu 


Arraignment of Obiano ‘ll end public media trial – Ikpeazu 


Willie Obiano

The final appearance of the former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano in a properly constituted court is a blessing in disguise as it will help him to prove the allegations against his person and governance.

While there may be allegations and rumours surrounding Chief Willie Obiano, and his governance of Anambra State, it is essential to allow him to clear his name before passing judgment.

According to a legal Luminary and Counsel to Chief Obiano, Dr Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN, the proper legal process in an arraignment will allow for a fair and unbiased examination of the allegations against him.

”Rather than relying solely on the media trial and social media speculations, it is vital to trust in the judiciary system to determine his guilt or innocence.

”Until proven guilty, Chief Willie Obiano should be presumed innocent and given the chance to defend himself against the allegations”.

Dr Ikpeazu notes: ”It is also crucial to recognize and appreciate the achievements and contributions Chief Willie Obiano has made during his time as governor. ”

The successful completion of the Anambra International Cargo Airport, Umueri, now known as the Professor Chinua Achebe Airport, has not only become a significant legacy but also a source of revenue, a cash cow, for the state and country.

The facility must be run as he had envisioned it to become a regional hub in sub-Saharan Africa.

Moreover, the airport’s location has brought about peace and unity among communities that were previously at odds with each other.

Chief Willie Obiano’s efforts in the agricultural sector have also led to a significant increase in rice production and the growth of the Agricultural value chain, ensuring the state’s food security.

His people-friendly policies and the ‘akulueno’ campaign have attracted support and funding from influential individuals in Anambra, further promoting development and empowerment at the grassroots level.

Chief Willie Obiano’s arraignment should be seen as an opportunity for him to clear his name and have the allegations properly interrogated.

”Until proven guilty, he should be presumed innocent, and his enormous achievements as governor should not be overshadowed by unverified accusations. ”

Dr Ikpeazu, SAN confirmed that arraignment had been an opportunity they had been seeking to end the improper public trial.

He said that Chief Obiano had remained a law-abiding citizen who all along responded to an invitation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) including the most recent invitation.

The institutions Chief Obiano developed like the Anambra State Investment, Protection and Promotion Agency (ANSIPPA), Anambra Capital Development (ACTDA), Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA) and Anambra Transport Management Authority (ATMA) as well as the Anambra Anthem have to remain the building blocks of the operational philosophy the underpins Anambra State development.