Edo 2024: Ighodalo gets carnival reception in Okpebholo’s community 

Edo 2024: Ighodalo gets carnival reception in Okpebholo’s community 

Ighodalo waving at the crowd of PDP supporters

It was simply massive, organic and spontaneous when on Friday June 7, Dr Asue Ighodalo, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the September 21 governorship election in Edo State, stormed the Ward 2 and 3, Ujabhole, Uwesan in Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State in continuation of his campaign.

In a carnival like reception, heralded by canon shots as a way traditional salute, the unprecedented crowd surged forward with joy and excitement amid singing, drumming and dancing with vuvuzela blaring at top volumes, to have a handshake with the ‘Man Wey Sabi’, and in the process almost literally overwhelmed those saddled with the responsibility for his personal safety and security arrangements, who however, displayed an uncommon professionalism in discharging their job.

An excited supporter who identified himself simply as Mr Alex, lifted his AI/O2 branded cap in an emotional gesture to the sky and belted “This is the man, this is the man. When you see the real thing you go know am, nor bi the fake. Dis one na real thing”. And with that, he galloped off and blended seamlessly into the terrific crowd.

On another scale, it was more like a popularity contest among supporters groups as caucuses, youths and women groups and other sundry groups, radiantly dressed in uniformed attires as they put in their best in an apparent bid to outdo one another to come top as the most active, most popular and perhaps, the most well organized support team.

Man of the moment, Ighodalo, dutifully and respectfully moved from one ‘canopy’ to the next greeting as many as he could, displaying humility as he greets elderly ones by intermittently removing his cap and bowing to them.

The danceable music blaring for the heavy duty speakers of the musician, who repeatedly chanted ‘Asue Ighodalo for governor’ as he churned out melodious tunes, electrified the large swath of open field, venue of the event.

After the usual customary entertainment, Ighodalo took the centre stage, and addressed the huge gathering. He expressed his joy and happiness at the warm reception accorded him with profuse gratitude. He then proceeded to assure the gathering that as their son, he would not disappoint them. He reiterated his vision to make Edo State a first world sub-national in the country and assured that he would not fail them. He vowed to make them proud.

Friday, June 7, will go down as a significant and memorable day for the PDP as it represents the moment its high-flying candidate literally ‘invaded’ the community of the APC candidate successfully with an unambiguous statement of intent to be the next governor of Edo State.