AU, UN pact will engender peacekeeping success in Africa – Guterres

AU, UN pact will engender peacekeeping success in Africa – Guterres

The United Nations Chief gave an interview to Irene Herman Houngbo, our correspondent in New-York. António Guterres discussed about peace and security in Africa as part of the fight against terrorism. He also talked about the actions of the United Nations on the African continent.

Excerpts below:

About the relevance of peacekeeping operations

According to the situation, peacekeeping operations are necessary. This has been the case in Liberia and Ivory Coast where we have just successfully concluded two major operations, following the conflicts. And when appropriate like in Somalia, we need to have peace enforcement and anti-terrorism operations.

About the role of African States to help the United Nations in these missions

The African States are absolutely key. The cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations is an exemplary cooperation. The African countries have demonstrated in the framework of the maintenance of peace, a generosity and an effectiveness of several situations which are truly remarkable.

About the repression on the citizens in Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo

In the Congo where we have a mission, it should be at any price that the timing of the elections is respected. And overall, when there are demonstrations, we request that the protests are not violent and also that the police forces respect human rights, avoid excessive violence and respect religious sites.

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