New book, ‘Tinubu The Audacity To Hope’, hits bookstores

New book, ‘Tinubu The Audacity To Hope’, hits bookstores

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

As President Bola Tinubu goes about tackling the monumental problems facing Nigeria in an unconventional fashion, the first book about him ‘Tinubu The Audacity To Hope’ which envisaged the great challenges he would face along with the accompanying hardship and practical solutions was authored by Segun Adeleye, the President/CEO of World Stage Limited.

Ahead of the public presentation, the book with foreword written by Chief (Dr.) Reuben F. Fasoranti, Leader of pan Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, has been introduced into bookstores around the world through Amazon.

The idea of the book dedicated to “all Nigerians that have  refused to lose hope in their country despite all the disappointments of the past” started as a series of opinions in the media shortly after the 2023 general elections with the expectation that President Bola Tinubu and his advisers would get to read them and take note of the observations and suggestions made.

Chief Fasoranti in his foreword wrote: “I’m pleased to foreword this book by Segun Adeleye titled: Tinubu – the Audacity to Hope”. I would like as in this very important book  also offer some pertinent suggestions that I believe could help in tackling the various socioeconomic issues that our country faces.”

He wrote that the book reminded him that what made Chief Obafemi Awolowo to  stand out as one of the best administrators that Africa ever had were  his zeal for knowledge as he always took time to articulate his  programmes and assembled the best team available to deliver them,  his dedication to finding information, particularly on how Nigeria  can be best developed, how to improve the quality of lives of his  countrymen and how to make himself a better and more informed  servant of his people.

“The late Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo said ‘while other men slept,  he kept working into the deep hours of the night, delving deeper  and deeper into knowledge about how to make Nigeria a great  country’. It is noteworthy and commendable that this manuscript is  ready few weeks after the election which could only imply that the  author who had also written other books is persistently abreast of  the development in his country with strong convictions about how  things can be improved,” Chief Fasonranti wrote.

“It’s public knowledge that I personally blessed and anointed Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on October 30, 2022 in the presence of notable people from all parts of Yorubaland right in my place in Akure. As a leader, I can only bless, it’s God that disposes. The focus from here on must be the future.

“This book has connected the aborted hopes of the past to the current  renewed hope by defining the ingredients to include challenging  time, patience and experience. With the attributes of good leaders  including compassion and tolerance, I trust the President will  deliver on all his promises as advised in this book.

“This is a book all Nigerians should read as the points raised in it are  critical for our contemporary challenges, the future and the country we bequeath to our children.”


Segun Adeleye despite his science background is an accomplished Nigerian business journalist who had worked in some national newspapers including The Comet, The Nation, Nigerian Compass and rose to the level of Business Editor before venturing out in 2011 to start running his own company, World Stage Limited which has interest in media, publishing, business development among others.

He is a trained movie producer and has a music production brand, OELA that specializes in conscience music to inspire humanity, particularly young Africans on positive virtue and truth. He also has a foundation, SEGFLIA (Segun Adeleye Foundation for Good Leadership in Africa) to champion the course of good leadership in Africa.

He has travelled wide and is the author of other books which include Critics of the prodigals (1994), Custodians (2006) and So Long Too Long Nigeria (2016).

He is married and blessed with children.