No MFM Branch in UK is Closed Down: Maureen Badejo lies again


No MFM Branch in UK is Closed Down: Maureen Badejo lies again

It’s amazing that some people just don’t know when to give up, there is a Yoruba proverb that says Aja ti ko ba gbo fere olode, ose tan lati parun ni. Maureen Badejo has come again with stories fabricated from hell.

Maureen Badejo

Instead of her focusing on the alleged stealing and fake operation of Sunday Igboho’s fake gofundme account that she set up to DEFRAUD THE MASSES, which has brought her under fire and scrutiny from fellow bloggers and even friends, she is looking to shift attention, by coming with stories that don’t make sense, and better still recycling stories that have been straightened out by the truth.


It’s obvious that her biggest audience has been generated from fabricated lies about MFM and the pastor of the ministry, mind you a judgment has been ruled against Maureen Badejo on this matter, of which she has been ordered to stop peddling malicious and invidious stories about the name MFM and the person of Dr. Olukoya with a 500 million naira defamation claim to her name, and a lot more other lawsuits that are not going well for her,


This lady has been denying that she was never served for the Nigeria court process, and this has been her song for a while, but liars will always leave their trails behind, Maureen Badejo has a history of being very dodgy when it comes to legal matters, the cases below are examples of past lawsuits where she has displayed such characters on different grounds.

The Applicant’s character of dodging court proceedings and getting other people to lie on her behalf was judicially noticed and commented upon by the Court of Appeal (Lagos Division) in the case of Mrs. Adebola Nejo V. Access Bank & Ors (2019) LPELR-47960(CA)

From our investigation on the judgment of the Nigerian court, we discovered that DHL had a time posted proofs of Delivery which clearly show that Maureen Badejo personally signed for and received all the court processes, and Hearing Notices served her without exception.

Please read, the judgment of the Court of Appeal, Lagos Division in Suit No. CA/L/923/2013 Debola Nejo (Maureen’s mother) V. 1. Access Bank Plc; 2. Niracon Engineering Nigeria Ltd; 3. Mrs. Maureen Omorinola Badejo; 4. Engr. Niran Badejo (Maureen’s estranged husband) this can be found reported on Law Pavillion Electronic Law Report as (2019) LPELR-47960 particularly pages 27 and 28 of the electronic report, and find out the courts’ impression of Maureen as an artful dodger of court proceedings.

On another occasion where she had a matter, she pretended not to be Maureen when the USA servers approached her; they had to come back on a second day armed with her picture, immediately they identified her and she wanted to escape, they had to throw the papers by her feet on the floor

She has been a dubious character and a troublemaker for a long time.


In her folly, Maureen Badejo admitted in one of her shows that she received and is aware of the letters served her.

For about a year now, Maureen Badejo has been fabricating stories about MFM  ministries and the founder with nothing reasonable, or anything whatsoever to prove her allegations up to date, yet she doesn’t want to give up, she is going round and round with some stories that have no bearing, in the process, displaying her abysmal ignorance, foolishness and lack of intelligence, she came up with charity case and we brought out the true story, In the process correcting her lack of knowledge, that it was a fraud committed against MFM and not the other way round.


Maureen, have you ever stopped to check yourself and listen deep down to the lies you tell people and to yourself? In one of the recent broadcasts you mentioned that there is a supposed closure of MFM in the UK and I wondered where you got that from, is there any document to prove these stories, or it’s another of your fabrications? Of course, no evidence to substantiate your claim will surface because you have no pedigree for true journalism.


Today I will treat the matter on the supposed closure of MFM in the UK, which your informant had no understanding whatsoever before briefing you.

From our findings, we realized that MFM has way more than 14 branches in the UK and none, however, has been closed for any reason, an internal rebranding, restructuring, and expansion exercise is going on with MFM WORLDWIDE, which merges smaller branches with bigger ones to make them mega branches giving way for other branches to open, this as well as to make the branches more effective and productive in their service of Gods work.


You alleged that Dr. Olukoya and his family want to run to Canada and as a matter of fact that Olukoya is in Canada at the moment, I laugh at your foolishness, what will he be doing in Canada?  I am sure the last time he visited Canada was for the crusade and that’s a while ago. For audiovisual materials to be used for ministration in the church is not new in MFM; it’s simply part of the MFM digital upgrade routine when the general overseer gets busy. We do our findings and we come with truth and facts.

It’s obvious that you have no understanding of the true nature and person of DK Olukoya, his achievements, philanthropy, and the weight of MFM Ministries worldwide, The man can choose to live anywhere in the world but he has been in Nigeria doing his God called work, a man who is a grand patron to mega-science labs, health centers, university, and one of the biggest and fastest-growing ministries in the world, you really think will be moved by your callous and fake blogging scoops?  Maureen, You are a joke and a fraud and you will always remain one, I am doing this to make sure that children of God are not swayed by your deception since you pretend to be a sheep.


Before I forget, know this and get this clear we got to know that his wife is not seeking for resident permit neither is she a resident permit holder, but a British citizen with a child that was born in the UK and has been schooling in the UK for about 15 years now. so the misguided story you have been pushing around that she is collecting 35,000 pounds for residency purposes is the most stupid, ridiculous, and unfounded statement ever told. As a matter of fact, it’s an insult to the person of Olukoya, that I have come to know.


Pray that God gives you a life, so that you can move out of the Government council house that you live, repent, choose the right path ask for forgiveness from God and Olukoya and look for something reasonable to do with your life instead of going around doing fraudulent gofundme accounts for imaginary beings, you have been asked to publish all you have done with the gofundme accounts you have been defrauding people with yet you haven’t published. Maureen Badejo, submit to retribution for all your sins before it’s too late.

Author: Femi Oyewale;  journalist and Ogun State-based publisher