• Jumia

    By Bola Oduntan Jumia, the ecommerce company described in April 2020 as the ‘e-commerce startup that fell from grace’ by BBC, has fallen into the pit even much deeper. This time, the company that became the first Africa-focused ecommerce startup to be quoted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has got its pocket leaking ...
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    Determined to take e-commerce in Nigeria to the next level, ensure same day delivery to its teeming customers and accommodate first rate merchants, Konga, Nigeria’s e-commerce giant, is set to roll out two mega warehouses in Abuja and Port Harcourt next month. The Abuja warehouse which is centrally located and about 78,000 square feet in ...
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    If there is one thing Nigerians are united on, it is the preference for quality products and an abhorrence for fake, substandard ones. Despite a keen desire to extract the utmost value for money when making purchases, the average Nigerian will not hesitate to pay a higher price for a product with the guarantee of ...