“Our founders had a vision for a greater Nigeria but only a technological disruption will take the nation to the next level.”

The statement above – succinct and thought-provoking – represents one of the driving motivations behind the lofty ambitions of Nigeria’s tech giant, Zinox Technologies Ltd. which featured prominently in a brand new television commercial released by the company last week.

The 60 seconds commercial, which hit the airwaves on Friday March 2nd, 2018 and expected to run for three weeks on a number of stations including Channels TV, Africa Independent Television (AIT), Silverbird TV (STV) and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), is already attracting a huge number of positive reviews.

The engaging and professionally-executed video is also set to hit the digital space this week.

The commercial opens with the scene of a painter who proceeds to depict on a blank white canvas the landscape of an ultra-modern, technologically-advanced mega city, complete with spectacular high-rise structures, design concepts with floating gardens and parks and intricate transport systems using the latest technology.

As the large mural comes to life, showing movement and giving the viewer the sense of life in this technologically-advanced city, the painter returns to the canvas, this time focusing more closely and delivering a measure of detail with his strokes. At the same time, we are immediately reminded that “our future is in plain sight but it takes those with foresight to see it.”

The commercial proceeds to guide the viewer through the glowing credentials of Zinox: a world-class but Nigerian-based integrated ICT solutions company which has delivered unarguably some of the biggest tech projects on the African continent and with huge capacity to do more.

In addition to the massive structure housing the Zinox headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, there are shots of the various cutting-edge infrastructure at Zinox, including the digital computer hardware manufacturing and assembly plant, telecoms e-Hub unit, data centre, bandwidth aggregation and digital security infrastructures, Call Centre warehousing facilities as well as after-sales service and support centre, among others.

The company’s multi-pronged status as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Integrated ICT Solutions provider, E-commerce Solutions company and as a one-stop shop for Special ICT Projects and much more, is also prominently displayed in the commercial.

The over-riding message in the emotive commercial sees Zinox setting the agenda as a forward-thinking ICT company which believes that only through technology can Nigeria live up to the dreams of its founding fathers and take its rightful place in the comity of other technologically-advanced nations of the world.

While urging the viewer to anticipate the future, Zinox makes bold to declare its ambition of being in the forefront of bringing advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality, Big Data, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, etc. and making them available to every Nigerian.

“Today, we continue to propel Nigeria into the digital future, multiple solutions at a time,” the company affirms, with a rear profile of the Zinox Chairman and serial digital entrepreneur, Leo Stan Ekeh, seen propping up his little grand-daughter and seemingly pointing out the future in the background of a city landscape.

A creatively- executed commercial, Zinox has once again taken the lead in showing the way forward for Nigeria which, despite being undoubtedly blessed with massive human and material resources, remains in a perpetual struggle to convert this huge potential into all-inclusive progress and development for the majority of Nigerians.