Buhari in Kaduna, recalls how terrorists wanted to blow him to death

Kawo Bridge

Buhari in Kaduna, recalls how terrorists wanted to blow him to death

January 20, 2022

Kawo Bridge
The new Kawo Bridge

President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday commissioned Kawo Bridge in Kaduna in an area where he was Boko Haram terrorists attacked his convoy in 2014 when he was an aspirant under the APC for the plum job of President.

While recalling the event that almost took his life but not without damaging a Toyota Land Cruiser, and another escort vehicle, the President said: “The terrorists wanted to blow me but my escort somehow stopped them.

“I have lived in Kaduna for many years; I am very much aware of this route. I would not recall how much I crossed it and you told me how there was an attempt on my life on this route,” he said in response to Governor Nasir el-Rufai rehearsal of the sad event of 2014..

During the commissioning Governor Nasir El-Rufai recalled the incident.

“It is my great honour and privilege, Mr President, to bring you to the Kawo Flyover.  Mr President will recall this bridge very well because it was just under this bridge that Boko Haram tried to kill you,” the governor said at the event.

“By the grace of God, you are still alive, you are with us and God preserved you so that you will lead us and inspire us to do some of what we are doing.”

Buhari also visited the palace of Alhaji Muhammadu Isa 11, the Emir of Jama’a, where he reaffirmed his commitment to tackling insecurity while reminding Nigerians that his government has made tremendous strides in containing insurgency in the northeast.

“If Nigerians want to be fair to this administration, they should find out what we campaigned for in 2015 and 2019. The security situation then, where we are now, and what we hope to hand over in 2023. If you want an honest report, try and ask people from the northeast, especially from Borno State,” he said.