Kwankwaso, most prepared for 2023 presidential election – NNPP chieftain

Rabiu Kwankwaso

Kwankwaso, most prepared for 2023 presidential election – NNPP chieftain

Rabiu Kwankwaso
Rabiu Kwankwaso

By Emmanuel Oloniruha

The New Nigeria Political Party (NNPP) Candidate for Kano North Senatorial District, Sen. Abdullahi Baffa, says the party’s Presidential Candidate, Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso, is better prepared to win the 2023 presidential election.

Baffa in an open letter to Kwankwasiyya members and NNPP supporters, made available to newsmen in Abuja, said that no political party was better prepared to win 2023 polls than NNPP.

The former Executive Secretary of TETFund said that NNPP and Kwankwaso remained the best and only option available to all well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians longing for a competent, credible and sincere alternative.

“NNPP is the only party that fielded the most competent and the most experienced patriots with over four decades of hands-on experience in governance and leadership at the civil service, the executive, the legislature, the security, as well as the diplomatic levels, as its presidential candidate.

“Dare I remind you that our party, the NNPP presidential candidate has over 17 years of experience in the civil service, was the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, was a member of the Constitution Conference.”

He said that Kwankwaso was a governor in 1999 and 2011, a former Minister of Defence, former Special Envoy to Darfur and Somalia, a former member of the Board of Niger-Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and a former Senator.

He said that NNPP had also fielded the most properly educated presidential candidate going the history of his traceable and verifiable educational qualifications from primary school to PhD level.

“NNPP,  has fielded a presidential candidate who has written his name in diamond in all the offices he has occupied as a result of the track record of his sterling performance.

He said Kwankwaso also had undisputable reputation for hard-work, transparency, empathy, patriotism, genuine concern for the socioeconomic condition of the masses, and credibility.

“My dear Kwankwasiyya members and supporters, we are marketing the best product to Nigerians. We have the best man for this very tedious but doable job of creating a New and Better Nigeria.”

Baffa said the purpose of the open letter was to remind all party and Kwankwasiyya members and supporters about the competences and the skill-sets of Kwankwaso.

He said it was also to strengthen their individual and collective determination to continue with the all-important struggle until they achieved the sure victory.

Baffa commended the party members and supporters commitment to new Nigeria Project.

He added that so far, the RMK2023 Presidential Campaign Council had generated a massive momentum that could not be stopped, saying bright light indeed awaited us at end of the tunnel.

Baffa urged all Kwankwaso and NNPP supporters to continue to work hard in order to strengthen and sustain the momentum.

“We have attained this enviable position as a party and as a ticket because of our collective dedication, hard-work and belief.

“When we started the journey, nobody gave us a chance, in fact we were being ignored as if we did not exist. Today, we are leading the pack and all other tickets are struggling to catch up with us.

“At this time, as we are inching towards the D-day, we can neither rest on our oars nor can we afford to slow down the momentum.

He urged the NNPP supporters to raise the mobilization bar; talk to more people, organise more campaign events, visit more communities, produce and distribute more campaign souvenirs.

“Participate in more radio and television shows/programs, engage in more door-to-door campaigns, storm all the social media platforms with the RMK2023 campaign event.

“Produce and distribute more campaign jingles and songs, produce and distribute more video skits, and generally ensure that we attend every NNPP campaign events in our constituencies.

Baffa said it was only the NNPP that had a practical and actionable blueprint to secure and unite the country as well as heal the country of all its wounds.

He tasked members to get ready, be determined to vote and protect their votes not to give room for any election rigging, saying “all of us are polling agents of the NNPP on the election day.” (NAN)