Zinox iPower Inverter Claws to Market Dominance

Zinox iPower Inverter Claws to Market Dominance

Zinox iPower inverterMore plaudits and public acceptance have come the way of the new Zinox IPower, a rare power gadget for the discerning gadgeteers. And it came by the power of thought, innovation and long years of research. This is not your conventional inverter, it is one that understands the peculiar Nigerian power challenges, taking cognizance of spikes, surges and burnouts. Now, just a few weeks into its formal launch, the Zinox iPower is already clawing its way to market dominance.

For five years, some Nigerian techies retreated into a laboratory, cut through the clutter and innovated a technology that looks every bit the ideal power box you have been waiting for. And if you have been hooked to a regular inverter that gives you worry than peace of mind, get ready to make a switch.

Zinox Technologies Group has come out with a cost-effective power solution targeted at one million homes, offices and critical national, state and individual infrastructure. The company is setting its sights on one million facilities in the country in the next 10 years.

The solution dubbed ‘iPower Plus’ is an inverter and it is immediately available nationwide through Technology Distributions (TD) and resellers. Lekan Faolu, chief operating officer of Zinox Telecoms, says the product is positioned to tackle unreliable power generation and supply in the country, stressing that the availability of stable power supply, which is still a challenge in the country, is critical to Nigeria becoming one of the top 20 economies globally by 2020.

The iPower Plus, he says, is a product of five years of extensive research into reliable, efficient and robust smart power solution for Nigerian homes, offices and the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).

According to Faola, iPower Plus customised power engine took continuous research and statistical analysis of power parameters generated from monitoring of the power conditions in different homes and offices throughout all the six geo-political zones of the country. He says the company applied the same technology to achieve a clean, reliable, and stable smart power system suitable for the regions, noting that Zinox iPower Plus power solution is backed by a minimum of 12 months warranty, as the solution is able to cut the cost of energy consumption in homes and offices by at least 35 percent per month.

It has a rare advantage over other power solutions in the marketplace. The cost effective power solution has the capacity to dictate and manage the deficiencies in most electrical wirings through its built-in auto voltage filtering and stabilisation system, which also optimises electrical wiring network and maintain proper load balance within the network.

The initial release will be 1 – 10KVA solutions and by the end of April 2015, Zinox will launch the Ultimate iPower Plus (20 – 100KVA) series.

“We have certified smart power engineers and technicians in every state to install, commission and support iPower Plus. We also provide free consultations relative to efficient load balancing for new constructions to reduce or eliminate power due to wrong electrical systems deployments, this will help reduce cost due to power losses and improve power efficiency for the beneficiaries and enable people live comfortably.

“Zinox is determined to reduce the cost of living in Nigeria through provision of efficient and inexpensive power solutions at homes and offices. A budget-driven iPower Plus solution will power your lights, televisions, electrical fans, refrigerator, and air conditioners for between 12 and 24 hours, longer backup than any other inverter in the market,” he said.

Faola assures that the target is to power a million homes in the next 10 years in the country, adding that Zinox Group’s target is to become number one ICT firm in Africa soonest.

This is not the first time the Zinox will be moving into inverter business. The company says that about 1761 institutions nationwide in the last four years have benefitted from such solutions. The new iPower Plus will be deployed nationwide with engineers scattered all over the country.

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