After killing five cops in Imo, gunmen shoot into the night; residents flee streets

Killings in the South East

After killing five cops in Imo, gunmen shoot into the night; residents flee streets

Hours after the attack on Okigwe Zonal area command Headquarters located at Ehime Mbano Local Government Area during which about five police men were reportedly killed, sporadic gunshots were heard at the popular Ama Hausa area, a settlement of most northerners in Owerri, Imo State.

Gunmen kill five cops in Imo
File photo: Masked gunmen

The gunmen who attacked the police facility allegedly shot their way through town before shattering the police command headquarters. Some police officers were said to have replied the attackers with fire power but five of them succumbed to the superior fire power of the invaders.

The attackers were said to have stormed the police facility about 7pm Monday and fired in all directions before releasing some inmates. They reportedly looted the police armoury. A police officer was still said to be missing.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Gender and Vulnerable Groups – Northern Affairs (Men) Mr  Suleiman Ibrahim confirmed the shooting at Ama Hausa.

Suleiman said that anxiety gripped the residents when unknown gunmen attacked the large settlement at about 10p.m Monday, shooting indiscriminately. The continuous shooting forced Owerri residents off the streets.

He said that no casualties were recorded as residents were already in their abodes before the arrival of the gunmen.

He also said that authorities of the settlement had already alerted security agencies in the state and called for calm.

“We suddenly heard gunshots and everyone took cover as there was palpable fear. It lasted for about thirty minutes before they withdrew.

“No casualties were recorded and no injuries sustained. Security agencies in the state have been put on notice and we believe that the situation is under control,” he told News Agency of Nigeria, NAN.